Let's Get to Know the Different Types of Color Blind Tests

Many do not realize that they suffer from color blindness, especially in children. To ensure abnormalities in vision, can be done by doing a color blind test. Color blindness is one of the vision problems. People who are color blind cannot see some colors clearly and accurately. They may find it difficult to distinguish between several colors, for example red-green, red-yellow-green, or blue-yellow, known as partial color blindness. Even in some people, absolutely not able to recognize color or total color blindness. Main Causes of Color Blindness In general, color blindness is caused due to genetic inheritance from parents who experience it. However, sometimes color blindness can also be caused by various factors other than genetic, such as: Physical injury or chemical exposure Optical nerve damage There is a malfunction of the part of the brain that processes color information Having cataracts The aging process in old age Color blindness can also be caused by a disease,
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